Hey Doc

I had an interesting new experience last week.

I visited the dermatologist. (And yes, you know where this is going.) He diagnosed the annoying bump on my nose as basal cell carcinoma and removed it. Want to know more? He alternated between scraping it off and burning it away. Lovely.

Of course I didn’t feel a thing – have to love Lidocaine. Although that was odd in itself. Strange to hear the scraping and smell the burning and not even twitch. Stranger still when hours later my eye was still numb. That was new for me.

In six months I’ll go see him again. He’ll want to check for other strange new lumps and bumps. And so I’ve entered another phase of my life. An oddly unwelcome phase. Although not a surprising one. As someone who was a teen in the late 60s and 70s, the sun was my friend. I could lie out on the lawn for hours, slathering myself with baby oil, hoping for a tan. Or even a burn that would magically turn brown in a few days.

We all know better now although I still have to practice extreme discipline when the time comes to put sun lotion on before I go outside.

And how does this relate to running? (You know the answer to that one too.)

As an aspiring ultra runner, I spend hours and hours and hours outside every summer. Even when I kept to shorter distances, I still loved running outside in the sunshine. Now I guess it’s time to use sunscreen. Every time. Even now in the winter. Although I have much less skin exposed to the sun when I run in the cold.

The people at the skin cancer foundation say that YES, we do have to protect our skin even in the winter:

Although I’m not sure how to define an “extended” period of time. I’m sure my short, get-it-done runs don’t qualify. But from now on, sun lotion is my new best running friend. Rats.

***You’ll notice that as a special favor to you, I did NOT include any pictures with this post. You’re welcome. Really.


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