Sanders Saunter

For the first time in a long time, on Saturday Phil and I ran a trail race. Nothing but fun.

I found Sanders Saunter on Facebook and nagged Phil until he broke down and entered us in the 10k. Why didn’t I just enter us? Good question, and one I’ll have to think about for a bit. But another day….

Today, lucky you, I’m sharing pictures and a small race recap.

The saddest thing about the run was that it was in Lawrence, KS, three hours north of us. Yes three. And since Phil was working Friday evening, we couldn’t just drive up to Lawrence the night before. Instead I set my alarm for 4:30. In the morning. And then actually managed to get up when it buzzed.


We were dressed and on the road by 5. Armed with a thermos of coffee and several bananas for breakfast.

Word of advice…. Don’t expect to dominate on only 4 hours of sleep the night before a race. Surprise.

It was a cool, damp morning. So when we found the park, we stood by the fire drinking coffee and shivering.

Love, love, love trail runs and trail runners. Coffee. Fire. Visiting.

Eventually we shuffled up to the start and were away.

Beautiful trail:

sanders mound
How can you resist this invitation to run?

Sadly for Phil, he completely cramped up and spent the first half of the race hobbling along trying not to moan too loudly. I would just hear a quiet little whimper from behind me every once in a while. Eventually, though, he loosened up and was able to enjoy the morning.

turn around 3
Up Sander’s Mound.

At the halfway point, we came down a little hill and saw fog rising off the lake. That, and snacks, got us through the second half.

rock wall 2
Over the rock wall.

By the time we were only a mile from the finish, I was sure we were going to DFL. There we were, the only sound was our footsteps, the fog had lifted, the path was glistening with gold leaves and the beginning of sunshine peeking through, and we felt like the only people on the planet.

5 miles 6
And down to the finish.

We finished with not our best time ever. (The official results haven’t landed in my inbox yet – but Phil tells me it was about 1:18.) But we finished, drank more coffee by the fire, at s’mores custom made by little kids, and spent more time talking with trail runners.

By the way, the best part of the day? By getting out and having a great run, together we raised more than $2600 for a family whose little guy is fighting brain cancer. Have fun. Do good. It’s a win.

* Race photos courtesy of Mile 90 Photography. Thanks so much.


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