Happy Thanksgiving

Ok. I might be a little late to the party, but since I’ve taken the last few days off from the internet, here are my thoughts on Thanksgiving.

First order of business Thursday morning was to go for my usual run. But it was not a usual day. It was Thanksgiving. As I ran along, I saw families starting to gather. Couples herding small children, women carrying crockpots, men wearing ties and even one pilgrim.

There he was, large as life, waiting at the stoplight on the corner of 7th and Main — a PILGRIM. Driving, wait for it, a SOUL. I loved it. Thank you sir, whoever you were, you made my day.

But the question arose (in my mind at least) why was I out running when I could have/should have been home drinking coffee, watching the parade, and maybe even cooking a turkey or baking a pie?

And I found three reasons why I ran Thanksgiving morning.

Number One:

Main Street
Main Street

How often can you run down the center of Main Street anywhere? The ambitious folks who had organized Joplin’s annual turkey day trot were busy putting the last few orange pylons away, but the street was still blocked off. It was very freeing.

Number Two:

Mr. Sun
Mr. Sun

These days I run most of my miles before the sun rises. When this guy appeared and shone on my back, I was a happy runner.

And Number Three:


Perhaps the most important reason of all — mincemeat pie. Yum. Thanks to Kathy for sharing her mum’s fabulous pie with us for Thanksgiving. Two years in a row.

Whatever you did on Thursday — if you were home with family or had to be working — here’s hoping you had a great day.


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