Another Chilly Run

Another Tuesday. Another chilly run.

Although I’m not here to complain about the weather today. I know many runners who handle much colder temps than my measly 27 degrees this morning.

I did go out, and one of the benefits of living in an older neighbourhood is this:

Frozen Fountain
Frozen Fountain

Lovely way to start my run. Right?

What I am here to talk about today is Saturday’s run. Phil and I hopped in the car on Saturday morning and, after only a few extra stops, drove down to Rogers, AR for a little trail running. Just for kicks.

We started out here:


Ran up and down a few hills. Across a few of these:

Working VERY hard here.
Working VERY hard here.

Past plenty of these:


And finished up here:

IMG_20141129_143719651 (2)(My selfies are getting a little better.)

It was 70 degrees and a lovely day to play in the park. Next time, if I’m lucky, I’ll have another special guest runner along for the fun.



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