Good News

Good news today folks. Our tribe has added a new member. Yippee.

My co-worker Amy has declared herself a runner and is ready to run her first 5k on Saturday. If I wasn’t already seriously overbooked, I’d go over to Republic and run with her.

Welcome Amy. You’ll find, I think, that we’re a pretty friendly bunch, us runners.


So in honour of Amy and all the new runners out there pounding the pavement, I’ve decided to make a list of reasons why I run.

1. Vanity. I’ll just go ahead and get this one off the table. It’s not my most important reason, but it’s always there hiding in the wings. I run because I’m just too darned vain to go out and buy bigger jeans. That’s just the way it is.

2. Space. Although this isn’t my biggest reason any more, when I had three small children in the house running was essential for my survival. And theirs. I needed to get away once in a while to breathe my own air and have my own space.

3. Time. I love using my feet to travel through the world, but I’m not patient enough to walk. Running takes less time than walking, so I run.

4. Pie. See Reason 1.

5. Health. Although I haven’t had to deal with high blood pressure or weight issues, running helps my body build strength. Especially bone strength. With my family history of osteoporosis (thanks Mum), this one is a big part of why I tie my shoes and hit the trails so often.

6. And finally, I run because it’s become part of how I define myself. Mother. Wife. Friend. Runner. I love it all. (Honestly, this is the biggest reason.)

Anybody else want to chime in here? Other reasons why you run? I’d love to hear them.



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