Day Five?

I fought the urge to run this morning. It was another lovely sunny Saturday, but I glued my butt to the couch and drank another cup of coffee. And another. And another. And another.


Then we braved the crowds, did a little Christmas shopping and came home in time for tea.


I know I’m much, much better. Haven’t had a twinge for ages. So the plan? Run on schedule on Tuesday. If we all survive till then.

One of the major benefits of running that we experience in our house is SANITY. When I don’t run I get irritable. Ha. There are a few other, stronger words I could substitute for “irritable”, but I’ll leave those to your imagination.

Yesterday morning, for example, I sat at my desk and drank my coffee in silence. Very unusual. But I had resolved to obey the old adage, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” It was a long quiet morning. But quite productive, which is cool.

It’s not as if I haven’t had any exercise this week. I’ve walked the dog. Done core training. Yoga. Push ups. But I’m just not sweating hard enough to flush the mean out of my system. I can’t swim and don’t have a bike, so my cardio options are limited.

Two more days. Pray for me, friends. Pray for us all.


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