Playing Catch Up

Yes. I did run on Christmas day. You know that’s my favorite. And I have run a couple of times since then. So let’s play catch up.

Christmas Day…..

Like always a lovely day to go trot up and down the empty streets. I did, however, find the neglected windblown decorations a little sad.

They’re so lovely shining in the dark, but the next day? Not so much.

IMG_20141226_140042322 (1)

Sad, isn’t he?

And I’m not kidding about windblown. I tried to get a few pix of decorations tumbling madly across the street, but my phone just isn’t fast enough. Instead, I’ll give you my three favorite tips for running on a windy day.

1. Start out running into the wind. Especially when it’s cold. That way, when you’re tired and ready to head home, the wind can help you along instead of slowing you down.

2. Lean into it. Relax your shoulders and lean into the wind. This can help decrease the resistance, at least a little.

3. Check your attitude. Why is it ALWAYS about attitude? Use the same attitude you use when you run hills. “This is making me a stronger runner.” Fighting the resistance is building speed, strength, and determination.

And an extra tip just for fun…

4. Treat yourself when you get home. You won just by stepping outside on a windy day. Reward yourself. Whether you opt for a hot bath or an extra-large glass of chocolate milk, acknowledge to yourself that you deserve a little extra pat on the back after a windy run.

Do you like or hate running any the wind?

Any tips to share with the rest of us?



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