Running Resolutions

Yes, today is New Year’s Eve. But before we talk about resolutions, I have one more run from last week that I wanted to share.

For the last several years I’ve tried to organize a Christmas light run, just for my family, but still. And it hasn’t worked. How sad. This year, however, one of my girls has begun running again,  was home at the appropriate time, and was a very good sport. So Talia and I went for a Christmas light run down Main Street.


Say “Hi!” everyone.

Oddly enough, her after dark photography skills were better than mine.


See my little furry running partner? That’s another post for another day.

Anyway, you’re all invited to join me next year when I host my Second Annual Christmas Light Run. Let me know what day works for you, and I’ll stock up on hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps for afterwards.

Anyway…running resolutions…I have three that I’m planning for this year:

1. Run smarter. I know I’m not 20 anymore. I can’t run as hard every day as I used to. I will, therefore, take days off regularly and even extra days off when I need to do so. It’s clearly much smarter to miss one or two runs to avoid injury rather than take weeks or months to recuperate.

2. Run stronger. I’ve recently added core exercises to my routine. Not every day. Not even every other day all the time. But enough that I’ve started to feel stronger. I’ve discovered muscles that I never knew existed. Who knew? So I’ll keep on with this new routine.

3. Run farther. This is it… This is the year… It’s official…(Have I procrastinated long enough? I’m almost afraid to put it in writing.) I am going to run a 50k this year. Hopefully Bass Pro’s Dogwood Canyon Trail Run. Looks like fun, eh? Now I’m going to go write my plan in my new training journal. Eek.

Anyone want to join me?


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