I Get to Run Today

So this morning, while I was standing in the shower, I had a revelation.

I get to run today. (This is my new favorite phrase and it has completely changed my running life.) Not, I HAVE to run today. But, I GET to run today. It’s a treat. A celebration. A victory.

Today’s run is even better than usual. It’s hill day. Hurrah. Be brave. Be strong. Run hills.

And there’s one more thing…

I get to run today with Talia. It’s been fun having her home. We’ve done plenty of running together, but today is our last chance. She flies back to Canada tomorrow morning. (Sad me)

So it must be an epic run. Right?

Although it might be difficult to be completely epic since we’re running at lunch time. We didn’t get up early and run because it was pretty darned chilly (5 degrees). We won’t run this evening because we’re leaving town right after work. So…an epic hilly run in about an hour. Hmmmm……

It seems like a tall order. One epic hilly run in 60 minutes or less. Good thing I have the morning to consider my options. We won’t have time to drive down to Fayetteville or up to Clinton Lake. Even the little jaunt out to Shoal Creek might not be manageable.

I’ll let my subconscious consider that while I get to work. We’ll see what happens…


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