To Run or Not To Run…

That is today’s question.

Supposed to do a six-mile hilly run. And I was up for it…yesterday.

Today my stomach is ishy and I’m tired. Droopy. Unenthusiastic.

So what to do? How do YOU decide on a day like this?

Truth be told, I know I’ll put my shoes on and head out the door in 20 minutes or so. But I have tried to let myself off the hook today. I even took my temperature. How’s that for extreme? If I had a temp, I could bail. No such luck.

Years ago my favorite doc gave me some excellent advice, “Symptoms above the neck? Run. Symptoms below the neck? Don’t run.”

Easy. Succinct. Manageable.

If my nose is plugged and I’m sneezing, I’m ok to run.

If I’m coughing green stuff from my lungs, stay home in bed.

Bottom line today? I’m tired. I didn’t sleep well – most likely because yesterday wasn’t a running day and I never did get outside. So I’ll run today and sleep like a champ tonight.


If I’m really lucky, I’ll sleep just as well as Sterling always does.


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