So you’re familiar with the sayings…

Woman proposes, God disposes.

Woman plans, God laughs.

Well that was MY weekend.

Didn’t run per my Friday plan AT ALL. Ran? Yes. Per my schedule? No. Ended up doing my long run Sunday after church and the wind KICKED MY BUTT. That is all.


So let’s talk about wind. Again. It’s one of the things we all have to handle when we’re out there.

See the flag? Yesterday’s flag was ravaged by the wind. According to Wunderground, the wind was averaging 20 mph with gusts up to 30. When I rounded the corner of Wall and Junge the wind almost blew my feet out from under me.

First let’s look at what I did wrong.

I started off running with the wind. I know better. You know better. We all know better. I’m a much happier runner when I start running into the wind and it can help me along on the way home again when I’m tired. No luck with that yesterday. I wanted to do my 9 miles. My route was planned. I was already hesitating and worried that if I took the time to plan a new route I’d just bail.


Mistake number two. Cotton gloves. My hands warmed up after the first mile or so, but when I turned around to run home again they froze. Not only were they bearing the brunt of that cold nasty wind, they were also sweaty. Handsicles are just not any fun. Take a lesson from me.

And finally, although not directly related to the wind, I didn’t bring a snack. After 90 minutes of fighting that wind, I was starving!!! A date or two in my pocket would have helped enormously. Might have helped my attitude and my stamina too. Sigh.

So here’s today’s deep philosophical question for you:

Why do I have to keep learning the same shit over and over and over again?

Anybody else have that issue? 



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