Welcome to Heaven

Saturday morning. 10 a.m. Usually a busy, running errands time of the weekend. But this past weekend…HEAVEN.

Thanks to a good friend with a gift certificate for a couples’ massage, I was treated to an hour-long runner’s massage at Circle on the Square in Springfield. It only appeared to be a well-kept elderly house in Springfield’s historic district. It was actually a gateway directly into paradise.

circle on the square

The experts there teach yoga, provide counseling, and do body work. Don’t you love that? Apparently I’m an elderly Toyota who needs a few dents straightened out.

Since we were there for the body work, and Drew Clark and Megan Crookshanks were happy to oblige.

First, a brief discussion of what my friend and I each wanted: She wanted a stress relieving, relaxing massage, courtesy of Megan. Me? A runner’s massage by Drew.

Next, they gave us a few minute’s privacy to undress and relax on the massage tables.

And last (and definitely best), the massage.

Drew had taken a few minutes at the beginning to explain his qualifications and that he would be doing? using? (I’m not sure of the verb here) myofascial release to help my poor, stiff, abused muscles relax. And my poor, stiff, abused muscles loved it. Loved. Loved. Loved it.

Of course they also loved the bits of massage that I knew enough to expect. The kneading. Compression. Gliding. All divine. An hour later my legs were so relaxed that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stand up and pull my clothes back on.

Bottom line? I’ve found my new go-to reward. If I’m a good runner and meet my goals, you’ll see me face down on Drew’s table.

I wonder if he’s married. Hmmm.


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