My Running Valentine

Tomorrow – Saturday – long run day – AND – Valentine’s Day. In honor of the occasion…


There once was an old broad from Joplin

Whose running looked sort of like hobblin’

She staggered along

In her heart was a song


Oh phooey. Clearly I’m not a poet.


Evening run… 6 miles… 40-odd degrees… pink and blue sunset… and the universe sent me a valentine. I’m happy to share it with you here:

valentineBut seriously. I’ve been a runner longer than I’ve done anything else in my life. Except possibly breathing. And why do I keep lacing on my shoes and heading out?

Because I LOVE it. But why? Running, why do I love thee? Let me count the whys – grin.

I love running because it’s easy. All I need are my shoes. I just walk out the door and I’m good to go. I can bring Axel along. I can slow down and run with friends. Or I can do speedwork or hills and burn off a bad day’s anger and frustration.

I love running because it gives me an excuse to be out in nature. I can spend hours on the trails, running beneath the sky. I can run at night and watch Orion running above me. Or I can run in the morning and hear the first birds waking and chirping.

I love running familiar runs. Those routes I know so well I can judge my distance by the rose bushes down the block or the fountain or little trail at mile two. When I run these routes I can relax and let my mind wander. I love exploring new trails close to home and further afield. Running lets me find my way around new cities when I’m traveling and find hidden gems known only to the locals.

Most of all, I love running for the other runners. Runners wave and smile and cheer when they meet on the road. They chat at races, offering advice and encouragement along the way. They welcome new runners and slow runners, anybody who ties on her shoes and heads out the door is welcome to join the tribe.

Happy Valentine’s Day, running. Here’s looking forward to many more years together.


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