Funny, Funny Valentine

You ever get the feeling that karma’s a b#%@& ???

Last Friday I wrote an ode to running. I love running. Running is wonderful. Best thing ever. Right?

So Saturday I tied on my shoes to head out for a long run. Perfect day for it. Sun shining. 57 degrees. A running skirt and t shirt kind of a day.

Until… the wind started howling out of the NORTH.

If I had been smart, I would have turned right around and gone home for another layer. I was not smart.

“I’ll warm up in no time,” I told myself. And silly me, I listened. Didn’t ever really warm up 100 percent.

When I reached the turn around point I discovered I had taken a wrong turn, and the street I was looking for didn’t connect with the street I was on. Rats. So I thought I’d take a shortcut. Just up that little rise and across the railroad tracks – THAT’S where the street home was. Easy peasy.

Tell that to the scratches still healing on my arms and legs. Rose bushes as tall as me blocked my path to the street once I crossed the tracks. As tall as me. I’m not kidding.

thorn bush***

After I battled my way through those suckers I still had 4…maybe 4 1/2 miles to go. Hurrah.

Couldn’t get worse, right?

Actually, right. It didn’t. Sucked down some Nuun and a couple of dates and I was good to go.

I zigged and zagged my way home, staying out of the wind as much as possible. Glued myself to the sunny side of the street – because the sun WAS still shining, its heat was just overwhelmed by the cold north wind.

But man oh man was I glad to get home!!!

Now I’m just hoping that the 4 inches of snow and 1 1/2 inches of ice that fell out of the sky last night will be gone by the time I want to run again tomorrow.

***Photo by Susannah Anderson


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