Rest days… Boring? Yes. Necessary? Also yes.

Rest weeks…Yikes. Sadly, with nearly 2 inches of ice under 4 inches of snow, this might just become a rest week for me. So let’s think about why that’s not all bad.

1. I might reach the point where doing core exercises sounds like fun. hahaha. Ok. Not fun exactly, but better than more sitting on my butt eating popcorn and watching old movies. Or maybe I should do core while I watch old movies. That might help pass the time.

You know how I feel about core (yawn), but I’m getting antsy enough that I might just opt to lay on the floor and fiddle around for a while.

2. Rest days help prevent injuries. Running injuries. They don’t prevent the kind of injuries that might be caused by a grouchy bored runner hanging around the house smacking people around. But they do prevent overuse injuries. A day or two off will give my muscles time to rebuild. As long as it doesn’t last too long, I should come back stronger than ever after a little time off.

3. Days off build enthusiasm. I’ll use this time to re-read some of my favorite running books, glance over my old journal entries, and daydream about summer running. By the time I can hit the road again, I’ll be so damned ready, wild horses won’t be able to keep me from my run.

So, choosing to look on the bright side here, I think I’ll take a yoga break. More later.

Forward Facing Dog
Forward Facing Dog

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