What a Difference a Day Makes


Tuesday I ran. The sun was shining. The sky was blue. And I ended my run FURIOUS, wishing I could run with a tire iron in my hand to whack people, or at least their vehicles. (I never promised this would be pretty.)

I was angry at the idiot drivers of the vans and trucks parked ON the sidewalk. I was angry at the woman in the white SUV who almost ran me down in the crosswalk. By the time I finished I was angry at everybody and everything. True story. Running does not always decrease my stress levels.

But today…two days later…I had a fabulous run. The sun was shining (just barely). The sky was starting to turn blue. And I ran and smiled and took pix and even talked to the pigeons. It did help…that in addition to being Thursday instead of Tuesday… I’m 1300 miles away. Yippee. This morning I ran the Strip. Yes. That Strip. I’m in Vegas baby.

This was my destination:

The Stratosphere
The Stratosphere

Since it was my hill run day, I ran the closest thing to hills I could find:

day 1

I promise I did not use the escalator on the side. Not even on the way back to the hotel.

And finished with my first Vegas running selfie. (Look…that’s The Mirage behind me, well, behind the fountain.)

day 1d

I’m glad to be here. That’s for sure. And I’m excited about my long run on Saturday. I saw mountains in the distance. I wonder how far away exactly they are. Hmmm.

Stay tuned, pals. More to come.


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