Letters from Vegas

Out again early this morning. Before the traffic. Before the pedestrians.

In the distance I could see this:

red rock canyon

Ok, I couldn’t actually SEE it. But I knew it was there.

My actual run looked more like this:

day 3 path

Not quite as lovely. But as runners we often have to make the best of whatever situation we find ourselves in. So today, I chose to make the best of my run.

The sun was shining:

day 3

(Right in my face.)

There were people and flowers and palm trees:

day 3 palm

day 3 verbena

And although I may not have run the 12 miles I had originally planned, margaritas and late nights combined with less running lately to cut my distance down, I was glad to be out there thumping along.

Also in the plus column, I was not running in the snow that fell last night back at home. This is my kind of a winter run.


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