Lessons Learned

I’ve always found running away to be helpful. Instructive even. And last week running away in Vegas was no different. I returned home yesterday and had PLENTY of time at the airport to think about what I learned from my brief foray into travel running.

Number One:

When you travel, you should bring your friend Mr. Tennis Ball. You never know when that pain in the butt will strike and your little yellow friend is very helpful for self-massage. You may not want to try out “professional” massage in Vegas.

Really….you want to visit this establishment?

massage parlour

Number Two:

Have realistic expectations. If you’ve been running less, or even not at all, because of the ice and snow back home, you may not be quite up to your 12-mile long run. If you add in a few late nights and margaritas, you may really need to lower your expectations. Just get out there and enjoy running in the sunshine.

day 4b

Number Three:

Be prepared to slow down. Sometimes that’s just a reality to accept.


And Number Four:

Whatever happens…get out there and run. You’ll be glad you did.


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