Walnut Bottoms Trail Run

Saturday, March 14, Pi Day. Walnut Bottoms Trail inaugural run day. A good day to be a runner.

9 a.m. found about half a dozen of us finishing our coffee in the parking lot, wondering how many more we would be before the start of the run.

walnut bottoms

At 9:26:53 we were off. (As a bonus, I know now pi to 9 places: 3.141592653.)

we're off

Up and down and back and forth. The trail zigged and zagged, backtracked and looped around. Perhaps the most difficult leg of the trail involved running back past the beginning where the early finishers and the race organizers were standing around the campfire enjoying their beer.


I ran two loops in my hour – about six miles. And was more than ready to eventually sit down by the fire.

the finish

In the end, I was happy to spend the morning helping to break in the trail. The run was well-organized, smoothly-run, and a joy to complete. I met some new trail runners. Played in the mud. Had a very fun time.

Next up…How to clean your running shoes.


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