New Tricks

I learned something new last week. Apparently you CAN teach an old broad new tricks. grin.

I’ve actually read the suggestion over and over and over in articles and books about running, but I finally decided to give it a try. And it worked. Imagine that. The experts and trail running gurus were right. Weird, eh?

Last Thursday was my weekly hill run. Not too steep here. Not too hilly. But I try to mix a few ups and downs in with my miles. I’ve been reading Relentless Forward Progress by Byron Powell. And he said something like…When you’re running hills, take smaller steps.

I went back to find the actual quote for you and couldn’t find anything even close. Maybe it was in one of my other running books. Rats. Either way, if you want to run an ultra, read Powell’s book. (More on that in another post.)


My (completely unscientific) approach to running hills has always been that if I take longer steps, enormous giant steps even, I’ll be over the hill and down the other side more quickly and less painfully. Apparently, according to science, that’s just plain wrong.

The explanation has something to do with gravity and vertical leaps and blah, blah, blah. But I’m here to let you know on an anecdotal note that it seems to really work. I went zipping up some hills that I can usually only make half way. Imagine that.

So…smaller, quicker steps while you’re working your way up the hill and (just for extra credit) elbows out to help with your balance when you’re tearing down the other side.

You’re welcome.


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