Would You Rather?

1.  Would you rather come across a snake or a rat while out for a run?  (I have come across both… that is why I am asking this one).  

A rat. Hands down. I’ve lived with Phil for a long, long time, and he grew up on the prairies where he had to watch out for rattlesnakes. I’ve learned to be nervous about snakes.

I do NOT want to mess with this guy.
I do NOT want to mess with this guy.

2.  Would you rather have to run for the next 6 months without a GPS watch or without your music?  

Since I usually run with only my little WalMart watch to keep track of my time, I wouldn’t miss either of these.

3.  Would you rather have the first half of your run be uphill or the second half of your run be uphill?

Wouldn’t we all rather have neither half be uphill? But if I had to choose it would be the first half. Then I could run downhill all the way home.

4.  Would you rather run your next 5 miler without shoes or without a sports bra?  Okay, keep in mind I am writing this post way too late at night and so I am especially random.  

Hahahahahaha. Sports bra. Really, I hardly need one anyway.

5.  Would you rather explore a new area that you have never been to before for your next run or stick to your normal favorite running loop?

Explore. That’s why I’ve started to run trails and in new cities. It’s a perfect way to see the world.

6.  Would you rather run in a strong headwind or …..  I actually can’t think of anything worse than running in a strong headwind so let’s just skip this one.

7.  Would you rather never have to stretch again after a run or never have to do core work again in order to stay injury free?  

No more core. Period. No more lying on the floor fiddling around for me.

8.  Would you rather run with a blister on your foot or run with a side cramp?

Hard one. I almost never get side cramps any more – I’m not sure I remember how bad they are. So let’s go with that one.

9.  Would you rather get a brand new pair of running shoes for free or get a brand new running outfit for free?

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Need more shoes.

10.  Would you rather do a huge race with spectators all along the course or do a small race without all of the extra stress of a big race?

Depends on if it’s a trail race or a road race. I’d choose the trail regardless of the size. Surprise!!!

***I’m stealing this from Hungry Runner Girl. Go visit her blog. Say thanks 🙂


One thought on “Would You Rather?

  1. From memory here: Hate hate hate snakes as much if not more than Indiana Jones so Id rather cross a rat on a run. Unfortunatley I’ve crossed a few snakes but up near me they are harmless but still as vile. Get the uphill over with first. Wouldn’t miss music and I havent been using it for months now anyhow. Have never run in a sports bra…okay there was this one time but that doesn’t count…only ever entered one race so Im okay with running a plain jane. New shoes for sure. And yes headwinds are horrible horrible energy eaters so not much worse than that. Side cramp cuz Id just slow down until it went away. Ok thats all I can remember…great fun 🙂

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