Summer Running

One word…Hurrah!!!

Then two more words…Be smart.

And a few tips…

1. Slow down. Although this won’t take much thought. Science (SCIENCE – not just my paltry experience) has shown that every 5°F rise in temperature above 60°F can slow your pace by as much as 20 to 30 seconds per mile. Don’t sweat it. (Ha. Little running joke there.) Just accept it and remember that you’ll feel much stronger and faster again in the fall. Or on a cooler rainy kind of a day.

2. Drink lots. Of course you’re sweating more so you’ll need to replace that lost fluid. Drink before your run, after your run, during your run. You know the drill. And consider running a loop course rather than an out and back. That way you can swing by your house or your car or whatever and pick up another bottle of water or Nuun, your drink of choice.

3. Run early or late. Avoid running in the sun if possible. Get out there earlier than usual to avoid the heat of the day. Or stay up a little later to run in the cool of the evening.

4. Wear fewer clothes. Gotta love this one. One of my favorite local runners heads out in his short shorts with his long hair blowing back behind him. Looks like Anton Krupika. Makes me feel old and slow but I like to see him go loping along.


Image found on

5. And my personal favorite…run through the sprinklers. It’s a little too early here in Joplin for people to be watering their lawns yet. But soon. And then, just like when we were kids, we can go running and sliding through our own personal water parks. Last summer I added Parr Hill park to one of my long run routes and regularly splashed through the fountains with the little kids. I loved it.


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