Playing with My Food

So on Tuesday I ran my six miles before breakfast. Nothing new or unusual there, right?

Except that the whole rest of the day I was STARVING. If it wasn’t tied down, I ate it. All of it. EVERYTHING.


Of course I tend to roll right out of bed, tie on my shoes and head out the door. No time for eating and digesting before I run on a work day.

But given that I had such a long hungry day, I’ve decided it’s time to play with my food, to start trying to figure out what I can eat easily and quickly before I hit the streets. And that won’t force me to stop and track down a port-a-pottie mid run.

This morning I swallowed six spoonfuls of yogurt before I left the house. Success. I wasn’t even hungry when I got back. (Although I did eat a healthy breakfast anyway – try to prevent eating all the cookies with my 10 a.m. tea.)

I would, however, like a few alternates. In case I’m out of yogurt. Or tired of it. Or whatever. So I’ve done a little research and here are a few ideas that I’ll try in the next little while: recommends oranges, applesauce, or pudding if you’re heading out the door in the next 15 to 30 minutes. Ok. I could do applesauce. I even have a some in the freezer left from the time I bought 40 pounds of apples and needed something to do with them before they went bad. (But that’s a whole ‘nother story.)

A banana would be a good option. Or half a banana maybe.

I remember reading somewhere about a runner who would pick up a latte when she was driving across town to run with friends. Sadly, that might be difficult since the closest coffee shop isn’t open yet at 6 when I head out. And let’s be realistic, I’m just not going to turn on the espresso machine first thing in the morning. Some morningsĀ it’s all I can do to remember how to walk.

In Eat and Run, Scott Jurek recommends a Green Power Pre-Workout Drink that includes spirulina and miso. I guess that might call for a trip to the health food store. And again, turning on an appliance (the blender) first thing in the morning. Phooey. Maybe if I made it the night before and just had to grab it out of the fridge. That might work.

So…bottom line. It has to be easy to eat, quick to grab, and gentle on my stomach. If there’s something that’s worked for you, I’d welcome your suggestions. Thanks.


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