Skipped Your Run Yesterday?

The price you might pay today:

rainy day

Yep. Opted to sleep in yesterday. I was just sooooooooo darned tired.

So today I got to run in the rain.

And once I was out there? It was fun. Splashing through the puddles made me feel like a kid again. That and wondering how many of those drivers out there were muttering about that crazy runner. That’s STILL my favorite runner complement.

Suggestions for YOUR next rainy day run:

1. Wear something bright. It might be dark out there and it’s always good to be visible. I have a neon yellow running jacket I save for rainy days. And windy days. And cold days. Ok. I don’t really save it at all.

2. Stay inside if there’s lightning. I’d rather not end up as a crispy critter at the side of the road. I’m sure you wouldn’t like that either. So if it’s flashing and crashing, stay inside till it’s over.

3. Wear a hat. At least keep the rain out of your face. It’ll help you see where you’re going too which is a good thing.

4. And most important of all…have fun playing in the rain.


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