Sunday Running


Favorite run of the week. Sunday morning recovery run.

After Saturday’s long run, I struggle to start moving on Sunday. But I pull my shorts and shoes off and stagger off down the street.

I often run with my little running pal.


He works to help me not go out too fast on this lazy recovery trot.


Too fast. I kill me.

I appreciate his help.

He does not appreciate my bossiness. No. You cannot play with the flat possum by the side of the road. No. You cannot taste test the dead armadillo a few blocks further along. You can’t eat the chickens when we stop to chat with the woman feeding her small backyard flock. No. No. No.

Poor sad Ax.

I, on the other hand, love this casual wander. Turn up this street. Go down that alley. Visit with the chicken lady. Pet the friendly dog. And above all, enjoy the sunshine and just loosen up. A great start to my favorite day of the week.


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