Weekend Fun

So…the weekend is almost upon us. Have any fun plans?

Phil and I are hoping to head down to Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas to explore the trails.

Here’s why:




Sadly, my friends at weather.com tell me there’s an 80 or 90 percent chance of thunderstorms. Hmmm. I’d rather not be struck by lightning. There are  flash flood warnings all weekend too, and I’d also rather not get swept away in a muddy flood.

So. In the spirit of looking for alternate activities, here are my weekend suggestions:

Find a local race. Here in Missouri it looks like we have plenty of choices. Might try to talk Phil into driving out to Marionville just for the shirt.

I could watch a running movie. That’s always good for motivation. When is the Born to Run movie coming out? Not this weekend, I suppose. Rats.

It is Mother’s Day on Sunday. I guess I’ll just call my mum. And hopefully hear from my kids. And go for a run.

I’ll let you know if I see any white squirrels.

white squirrel


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