Half a Run

Is better than none.


The end result….

Did my long run on Saturday. Somehow someone overslept Saturday morning. Missed the running of the squirrels I’m sad to report.

Instead we saved our fun run for Sunday when we went a little bit south – not as far south as the extreme weather and flash flood warnings – and did a trail run at Hobbs State Park Conservation Area in Arkansas. Four miles instead of eight. Due to the weather.

Want to see?

Here’s where we began. Doing our usual pre-run ussie.

before cropped

Apparently I could stand to work on my mad photography skills.

It was just starting to sprinkle when we were just heading out. No worries. We had some time before the real rain was supposed to begin. I did check the weather. I’m not a complete idiot.

And we enjoyed the green and the trails and the quiet. Strangely enough there were not a lot of other people out enjoying the park yesterday.

Hmmmm. I wonder why not?

during 2

during 1

Really. No one out to enjoy this with us? Very, very unusual.

We hadn’t been out very long…not even a mile…when the real rain started. But we were under the trees. We wouldn’t get too wet. Right?


after cropped

In the end we decided to turn around and head back to the car early. Why? You ask. Not because we were afraid of getting a little damp. Hahahaha. But because the lightning was getting flashier. The thunder was getting crashier. And I decided Mother’s Day was a bad day to be struck by lightning. Big chicken.

Hope you all enjoyed your day as much as we enjoyed ours 🙂


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