Everywhere I look lately it seems people are talking about motivation. Asking what does it take to get you out the door for a run. And so I’ve been thinking about it.

Why, when it was 75 degrees and 70 percent humidity, did I go out for my run? I knew it might get ugly. (And it did.)

Why did we go out when we knew we would be drenched?

Why do I continue to get up at 5:30 to get my miles in for the day?

It’s not always fun. It’s not always beautiful or scenic or stunning.

So why?

The most compelling answer I’ve found is that I know how good it will feel to be done. My legs will be tired (usually). My lungs will feel cleaned out. I’ll have spent some time outside and be all the better for it.

Nothing else in my experience leaves me feeling… I’m having trouble coming up with the right adjective.

…like I’ve worked hard and deserve to stretch and relax.

…like my muscles have earned their keep.

…like I’ve done at least one productive thing today.

Whatever the reason.

Also, there might be pie later.



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