What a dilemma.

The time has come for me to replace my shoes (again). And once again I find myself dithering…flipping through websites…reading reviews…debating.

Do I just get another pair of my Ghost 7’s? Or do I try something new?

Do I buy them at the local running store? Or online for like $50 less?

Decisions. Decisions.

Like always, I’ll begin at the Runner’s World Shoe Finder. Which is kind of fun. Click the answers to the questions and see what the experts at RW suggest.

First on their list? The Sketchers Go Run shoes. Really. Does anybody out there actually wear these shoes? The ads are great, but Sketchers? Really? Does Meb REALLY wear these shoes?

Then I’ll move over to their Shoes Like Mine option. The Ghost 7’s have been good. But maybe there’s something better out there. (Apparently this handy helper isn’t working today. Hope you have better luck than I did.)

Ok. I’m back. Did you notice I walked away for a bit? (Gave myself a little time to think.)

I’m asking myself why I’m worrying about which shoes. The Ghost 7’s have been good. And I don’t want to fuss with trying new shoes right now.

So…the next big decision. Which color? Hmmmm.


Run happy out there.


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