Long Weekend Fun

I don’t even know where to begin this morning.

We had SO MUCH FUN over the Memorial Day weekend and I’ve been dying to talk to you all about it but now that it’s time? I guess I’ll just start at the beginning and if it goes on too long feel free to bail. (I’ll love you anyway.)

We drove down to Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas Sunday afternoon. And even before we got there, I knew the trails might be just a teensy bit challenging.

crooked and steep sign

Monday morning (after the fog burned off) we abandoned our coffee and headed for the park.

We decided to explore the Yellow Rock trail first.

trail head

Three miles? You ask. Why are you moaning about three measly miles? Ummm… Three miles straight up pretty much kicked my butt.

We started here.

phil in cave

And ended up here.

phil at overlook

Good thing Phil was wearing a red shirt. You’d never see him otherwise.

The run down was a LOT faster than the trail up had been – no kidding.

Of course we brought along our furry trail runner and by the end he was completely covered in sand. Had to have a little wash before we would let him in the car again.

phil washing ax

Clearly this was his FAVORITE part of the day.

We spent the rest of the day picnicing and playing on some of the other trails. Found some little waterfalls.

self w waterfall.jpg

And some bigger waterfalls.

me and ax before 2nd hike

And generally had a wonderful day. Came home and SLEPT, but can’t wait to go back.



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