Happy June

June is finally here and it’s a wonderful month to be a runner. Not only is the weather as close to perfect as possible, but the days are long and the evenings last forever so we have plenty of daylight to get our runs in.


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The month begins with National Running Day on June 3. That’s Wednesday, in case you’re wondering. And you do still have time to make your running plans.

You’re welcome.

Run with a friend or by yourself. Run a new trail or revisit an old favorite.

If you know someone who’s considering beginning, maybe introduce them to Galloway’s Run Walk method. Or the Couch to 5K. Both are easy-to-use introductions to running.

Other plans for June?

I’m doing a little traveling – Little Rock, AR this weekend – then CANADA at the end of the month. Since I love running in new places (and old places revisited), I’ll try to post a few pix here so you can share the excitement.

Maybe I’ll look for a race to round out the month. Suggestions?


See you on the trails.


2 thoughts on “Happy June

  1. Happy June! I was just visiting USA! USA! USA! (Sorry get carried away sometimes but its so catchy I like to chant along) We were in Michigan although I didn’t run I do plan on running next time we cross the border. What province are you visiting this month? Well which ever one it is there will be a Tim Hortons waiting to give you your caffeine fix!


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