Another First

So after 30 years of running, some days it seems I’ve seen everything, encountered every problem, run every trail. But if I believed that I WOULD BE WRONG.

Over the years I’ve been chased by dogs, carried bear bells, altered my route to avoid skunks, even ducked low to evade an early morning owl. But today… an absolute first.

I was chased. Yes, chased. By a killdeer.


Look at that pointy beak. Those sharp talons. Clearly this mama bird was not going to stand for any messing around with her babies.

She was almost as scary as the wild bunnies a few blocks further along.


Can you see the fierce beasts?

bunny w circle

Scary run this morning, friends. Just glad I made it home alive.

Run safely out there.


One thought on “Another First

  1. You know statistcally we lose about 47 runners a year to wild bunny attacks. And thats just the reported attacks. It is estimated that at least twice that number go unreported. You are truly one of the lucky ones. And how you managed to escape the bird I do not know. The only thing I can think of is thats Hermes the Olympian Greek son of Zeus was watching over you. Glad your ok. 😉

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