I’m Ba-ack

Missed me didn’t you? Or did you not notice I was away? Phooey.

I was. Spent the weekend road tripping with a friend. Little Rock, AR. Transylvania, LA. Vicksburg, MS. Branson, MO. Home.


Luckily I managed to squeeze in one run. And VERY luckily, it was in Little Rock. Awesome running town. Sixteen. Or was it 17? miles of trails along the river that runs through the center of town. I didn’t take the time to run the whole trail, just spent an hour messing around with the multitudes of other runners and bikers out enjoying the morning.

Started here…

Good Morning Little Rock
Good Morning Little Rock

(Why yes, I did get my hair cut. Thank you for noticing.)

Enjoyed the many, many sculptures along the trail. (I did, however, stop stopping to take their pictures since I was making shockingly slow progress.)



Met this little fellow. And jumped right over him.


Trotted across the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge (beside the Clinton Library) and ended up in the middle of the staging area for some BIG bike race. No wonder there were so many of them there in their lycra and helmets.

And although it wasn’t the last sight on my run, I saved this picture for last. Definitely my favorite.

little rock angels cropped

Now I’m home and I can’t wait to go back.


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