Note to Self…

Gardening and running are not necessarily complementary activities. (Moan.)

I love to garden. Spent Sunday afternoon weeding and deadheading and generally crawling around outside playing in the dirt. The results:


The problem?

When I went out to run this morning I was so sore I could barely move. I managed to stagger through six miles and made it home for chocolate milk and a shower. I’d really rather not do that again on Thursday.

So… The solution?

The dreaded foam roller.

Later today I’ll haul it out and hurt myself in the interest of enjoying my next run just a little bit more. You’re familiar with this instrument of torture. Right?

Now rather than bore you with instructions – since you’re probably way ahead of me on the whole roller thing – I’ll post another link to some exercises I like the look of. Except the upper back. No way am I messing around with my back. The hamstrings, quads, glutes, and etc; they all need a little attention.

Wish me luck.

And just so you know that I believe gardening is worth the pain…two more pix for your enjoyment.



moon flower

Happy Tuesday pals.


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