Miss Me?

I’m home again. Have been for a week now. And today I’m ready to sort through my pix and share a few with you all.

(Warning – this post may be a lot like watching your relatives’ vacation slides.)

As you all know by now, I spent a week in Canada visiting family. Kids. Parents. Siblings. Cousins. Friends. Etc. You know the drill. And one of the highlights of my vacation (in my humble opinion) was the opportunity to run somewhere far from my usual routes. So I took advantage. Made my girls run with me. Ha.

Let’s just plunge in and I’ll narrate.

Started in Edmonton, running Talia’s neighbourhood loop by the river.

me and t in edmonton

Stopped to admire the riverboat. This is new since I lived in Edmonton…oh…30 or so years ago.


And took a break in the Chinese garden.

chinese garden

The next day or so we spent enjoying the city and then packed up and moved Tal five hours north to Grande Prairie. Guess what was next? We ran there too.

Talked Kate into coming along one sunny afternoon.

three muskateers

Then we moved Kate too. Since we were all practiced up from moving her sister.

There were really only two items on my to-do list this time. Coffee with friends and family (that’s a major one) and to take advantage of the long, long, long summer days with a night run. Yep. We were far enough north that it didn’t really get 100 percent dark at night.

So on my second last night I talked Talia (isn’t she a good sport?) into starting out at almost 10:30 pm. I may have been seriously wondering about my sanity here. Bed was calling my name.

ok it was late

But it was lovely.

We enjoyed the evening sky.

almost midnight

Waved to Mum and Dad on our way past.

hi grandma

What were they doing up so late???

hi folks 2

And just kept chugging along. This helped.

getting later and further along

We did receive a little outside motivation from a few of these:


Lovely, right?

But finished our six miles feeling better than when we began. Sometimes running is like that.

the end

Now I’m home again and missing the cooler temperatures and longer days. Oh…and the fam.

Hope you all have some adventures planned for your summer too. I’ll look forward to hearing about them.


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