Bar Raiser

Ever have one of those runs that just works? You go ticking along enjoying the process?

Of course you have. That’s why we’re all runners, right?

Phil and I had one of those the other day. Walked a mile or so to get loosened up and then settled into a nice 10-minute pace for the next six miles. Not particularly fast maybe, but very comfortable. Walked another mile at the end to cool down and relax. And review the run.

What were the factors that came together to make it happen?

It was later in the day so we’d had all day long to loosen up. (Some mornings I feel like the rusty tin man when I head out at 5 a.m.)

The weather was perfect. A lovely cool 68 or so degrees. With no wind.

We had company. I find it much easier to keep going when I can get out of my own head a little bit. Visit. Complain. Keep running.

And we’ve both been pretty disciplined about slogging through the heat and humidity of a Missouri summer. That makes a cooler, drier run magical.

And you all know where I’m going with this…. The problem is that once you do it you have no excuse not to do it again. Regularly, even.

Uh oh.

I’ll let you all know how that works out for me….

Oops. Seems I forgot to post that. So I’ll just add a little P.S.

Long run Saturday. Hot and sweaty, but persevered for 12 miles.

Then Sunday went out to one of our favorite trails to mess around and found that after the five inches of rain last week it was a little more technical than usual.


And it seems we had forgotten our hip waders and/or scuba gear. So we detoured. No problem.

The upside, however, of all the rain we’ve had this year is that our usual trail is green, lush, and beautiful.

p running cropped


b running cropped

Won’t complain about that. Come run with me pals, it’s definitely worth the heat and humidity.


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