It’s a Time Thing

Up early this morning – out running before the sun – and that started me wondering…. How much time, exactly, do I spend running? And what other things do I miss out on because of it?

I think it's funny that I ran past this sign this morning.
I think it’s funny that I ran past this sign this morning.

The first is easy to answer. A quick look at my training log tells me that last week I spent six hours running. Last month, 20 hours. And last year, 156 hours. Not too shabby, eh?

And that’s only time actually running. I haven’t included the days I walked instead. Or the time I lose reading running blogs or other websites, shopping for running gear. And it would be impossible to count the time spent dreaming, day or night, about running.

But as to the other question…what do I miss because of running?

Number one…sleep. I try to go to bed early (sometimes), but it’s not usually a huge success. Why lie in bed looking at the ceiling? That doesn’t help me get up in the morning. Although I must finally be settling into this new routine. For the FIRST TIME this morning I woke up five minutes before my alarm. Hurrah. I hate waking to the buzz, squeal, rattle of my phone on the little table by my bed.

Pizza on Fridays. This was a Randall family tradition for years. Some years we would create our own. Some we’d just order in. Either way Friday used to equal pizza day in our house. But now pizza on Friday makes those long Saturday runs a little more difficult. Ugh.

Saturday morning cartoons. Seriously. No more Sponge Bob for me. Now I’m up and out the door after only a single cup of coffee. What’s with that?

sponge bob

But on the other hand, there are some good things I’ve lost to running too.

Headaches. I used to suffer migraines almost every month. Regularly. And now I almost never have to go to bed in a dark room. Matter of fact, I can’t remember the last time. At all. Hurrah.

And even better than that, evil me. I’m truly less insane, much easier to live with when I run several times a week. Seriously.

Run sanely out there pals.


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