Yesterday I was going to write a brilliant post about food. We all know that running and eating are VERY closely related. Run to eat. Eat to run. Whatever.

But I’m just not a foodie. And a quick look at my friend Mr. Google shows me plenty of writers already dealing with running and food, running and nutrition, running and whatever you put in your mouth.

So…if it’s food you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong place. Sorry.

Instead, let’s talk about races. Have any fun races on your calendar? I like to tuck a few into my long-range training plans just to keep my motivation up. And here are a couple that are on my radar:

To keep me going in August the Harder than Hell Half-Marathon. An evening run through the Ozarks and ending at the river. Anyone up for a quick splash afterwards?

harder than hell

Yes. It’ll probably be hot. This week it’s been averaging low 90s at seven in the evening. Just so you know.

And in September… Running with the Tigers. How cool is THAT!!! Five or 15k. Tiger sanctuary. And after the run we get to meet the tigers. Sign me up. Right now. (Or maybe next week when my new undestroyed debit card comes from the bank.)

Lions and tigers and (not) bears. Oh my.

I may not actually RACE these, but use them as training runs. What could be more fun than that? I can only think of one thing – if you want to come on down to Missouri and run with me. THAT would be great. See you in August. Or September. Whatever.


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