Running Epiphany

So I was driving down one of my least favorite running hills last night and had an epiphany. Gotta love running epiphanies, right?

Ready for it?

I haven’t been doing any hill training. Eek.

The 50k in October? It’s in the Ozarks. So although they’re not like the Rockies – steep, steep, steep – there WILL be hills. What was I thinking?

Remember these? Yep - Ozarks.
Remember these? Yep – Ozarks.

I’ve been half following a training plan that a group of new-to-100s runners in California have been using. Maybe there aren’t any hills on their course. But there will be in mine.

So what does that mean? You know it. I’ve got to start running hills again.

Oh yay.

Not tomorrow – that’s long run day. As you know. But next week.

Pray for me, friends.


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