It’s the Little Things

Seriously. It’s the little things that can make or break your run. Runs. Run streak even.

Take, for example, the blister on my right heel. Just a little tiny sore spot. Right? Wrong.

Or the black toe nail on my left foot. Again. Killing my runs.


The current dilemma is that apparently I need to wear a different shoe on each foot. My right foot still loves my Brooks Ghost 7s. Perfect. But the Montrails rub on my heel. My left foot loves the Montrails. But the Ghosts are bruising my left middle toe. Phoey.

So do I wear mismatched shoes? Or will the height difference cause knee or ankle issues? What about hip problems? Hmmm?

Thoughts? Ideas?

Years and years and years ago I read Flanagan’s Run. The story of a run across America in the middle of the depression. It made a big impression on me, but that’s not the point today.

Today the point is the advice the wizened experienced runner gives the newbies about taking care of their feet. Every night he rubs his feet down with sandpaper and lotion to keep them smooth and healthy. If your feet hurt, you can’t run. Period.

Since I’m not currently in the middle of a race across the country, I’m taking a day or two to let my heal heel. grin. And going forward?

This is my plan:

1. Have a regular pedicure. Even a DIY pedicure. File down those icky old calluses after my shower. Keep my toe nails short. Trim off dead skin and old blisters. And finish with a good massage and lotion.

2. Avoid heels. Hahahahaha. If you know me, you know I’m not usually a heel kind of girl. Flip flops and sneakers are my go to foot wear.

3. Wearing my Montrails? Tape that pesky right heel. Might as well avoid blisters as moan about them later.

4. Save these Brooks for walking and order another pair half a size larger. (Don’t laugh at my clown shoes, please.)

And 5. Maybe I’ll try Luna sandals. I’ve been looking for an excuse to order a pair and maybe, just maybe, this will be it. Of course that would lead to barefoot running. Hmmm. Always something new to try, right?


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