O Dark Thirty

Seems to me that once every year a morning arrives when I roll out of bed and head outside only to be surprised by the pitch dark that’s waiting for me. And I suppose it’s typically about this time of year. Hmmm.

Yesterday was that day. The moon was high in the sky. There were no stars. It was dark enough to trip over the shadows on the pavement.

Image courtesy of bulldogza at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Now I’ll admit that I ran a little earlier than usual. I had to drive an hour in to the office. (Yes, I’m one of the lucky few who usually stagger down the hall in their slippers to their home office.)  So it follows that I had to run earlier, and not quite as far, as I would ordinarily run on a Tuesday morning.

I remembered to lay out all my gear before going to bed last night. Even my knuckle lights were waiting for me by the back door. But wait, maybe that’s just because I never did put them away after I stopped using them earlier this season. grin.

So without giving myself a chance to stop and think, I rolled over, into my shoes, and out the door. With a brief stop to fill my water bottle and etc.

Dark. Dark. Dark.

But I remembered several things I like about running before the sun rises.

No traffic. Alright, a little traffic. Possibly two cars on the major streets through town.

No sunscreen. If the sun’s not shining yet, sunscreen is not necessary. So when I get hot and sweaty, it doesn’t drip down into my eyes and make me cry.

Early birds. Literally. I love hearing the quiet chirping before the day begins for the robins in my neighborhood.

And last but not least, bragging rights. I LOVE just mentioning that I was up and running in the dark. If my friends aren’t impressed, at least they pretend to be impressed to make me happy.

Nice to have friends who care.

***Image courtesy of bulldogza at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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