Deep Thoughts

I am not now, nor have I ever pretended to be a particularly deep thinker. You would know that if you could ride along inside my head when I’m running.

Ok, there was that one time. But I was in college. You can’t hold me responsible for that.

Some people (ahem, Phil) solve problems and think seriously when they run. I tend to count to four over and over and over. Or sing one line from a song over and over and over.

So this morning, I was happy to have someone do my deep thinking for me.

deep thoughts

Seriously? The local title company wants to give me things to think about when I’m running? I’m cool with that.

And the most challenging thing I’m doing these days? You already know. Training for my first ultra. But has it changed me?



Could I be more stubborn?

One thing for sure…I’m much more tanned than I was before I started spending hours and hours out on the trails.

See? Positively Aristotelian.


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