Oh Yes We Did

We did get up at 4 Thursday morning. (Although it was extremely tempting to turn off the alarm and just roll over.) We did put on our running gear and head outside. We did have a wonderfully fun time.

And we even did see a few meteors. But why don’t I start at the beginning?

It was dark, dark, dark when we stepped out the door just a bit after 4 a.m. Phil had a little flashlight and I had my knuckle lights just in case. More so we could be seen than so we could see. We wanted our eyes to adjust to the dark so we’d have a better chance of seeing meteors.

The streets were quiet. Lights shone from a few windows. Birds chirped from a few nests. But there was very little traffic and no sirens – which is unusual I’ll admit.

We visited as we trotted along. Quietly. You know how it is in the dark. Everything is hushed.

Our destination was our old neighborhood on the edge of town. The fewer street lights plus the country club made it probably our best option for in-town meteor viewing. I saw a flash or two as we were making our way over, but had to keep a least a little bit of a watch on the street. I didn’t really want to fall on my face.

Once in the neighborhood, we made our way a little further west and sneaked onto the country club golf course. We stayed on the paved path so we wouldn’t smoosh down their lovely green grass (or get soaked by the dew) and when we found a small hill facing north, we lay down right in the middle of the path to watch the sky.


And HALLELUJAH we saw meteors.

There was a meteor here. Really.
There was a meteor here. Really.

Not as many as, ahem, my friend who stayed in her own backyard in her jammies. But meteors all the same. Even a few that streaked all across the sky. White chalk rainbows across a blackboard.

Maybe we’ll try the jammies/backyard approach tonight. Maybe.


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