Second Verse

Same as the first. Almost.

Sunday we woke to rumbling thunder and rain. After Saturday’s 4 1/2 inches in 24 hours, this was NOT a welcome surprise.

A couple of cups of coffee and a little stretching later, the rain had stopped and we were ready to go.

Drove to the trail head and started out.


I thought I had done my homework. I had looked at pictures and reviews of the trail online. It was long enough for the run we wanted to do. And we had even walked it a with the dog. (Ok, maybe that was a couple of years ago. But still…)

It was a little overgrown.


We persevered until the thigh-high weeds were replaced by thick viney things that kept tangling themselves around our feet and calves and trying to trip us up. Then…brainstorm.

If we went back to the trailhead and ran the other direction, maybe it was used and maintained more and would be a little easier to navigate. That worked. For a mile through town. Then…weeds as tall as my head.

End result? We did our last almost-eight miles on the road. Not the end of the world, but not the trail run we’d been hoping for.

Next weekend? Phil gets to find us a trail.


Wish us luck, friends.


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