Back to School

The kids went back to school last week. Not my kids, but the kids who live here in Joplin. Although the biggest effect I feel is increased traffic in the mornings, it did get me thinking about school-ish things.

school bus

And the ABC’s of running…from me to you…with hopes that these little tips will spread the joy of running a little further.

Always pee one last time before you head out for your long run. It’s just not socially acceptable to go behind that dumpster in the alley. Really it’s not.

Be KIND to other runners. Wave. Smile. Chat if you have a chance. These are your people. They understand you and the reason you’re out in the dark trotting along the pavement.

Choose your shoes wisely. They’ll be your foundation for many, many miles.

Develop other interests. Seriously. Sooner or later we all have to take a little time off. Your family will appreciate it if you can fill your time and not only, ever moan about missing your workouts.

Eat whatever in blazes you want. Stomach of steel? Go ahead. Enjoy that last cheesecake before you head out. Me? I think I’ll be just a little fussier than that.

Forget your watch and your music once in a while. Run naked and enjoy the world around you.

Go for your run. That is all.

Hills are hard. Hills suck. But running hills will make you a stronger, faster runner.

Immediate gratification is overrated. Set goals. Work to reach them. Celebrate your success.

Jogging is not a four-letter word. Walk. Jog. Do whatever gets you moving.

Keep spare gear in your car. You never know when an irresistible trail will present itself.

during 1

Leave the sidewalk once in a while. Come play on the trails.

Meander sometimes. Running is fabulous. But once in a while it’s good to slow down and enjoy your time in nature.

Nutrition is actually an important part of your training plan. Eat smart. Most of the time.

Oscar Wilde said, “Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.” Try a new route, a new distance, a new something.

Planks hurt. But core strength is a beautiful thing. Do a few.

Quitcher bellyaching. Nobody likes a moaner.

R you a real runner? If you tie on your shoes and head out, the answer is YES!!!

Sleep with your shoes on. That’ll make your morning run so much easier.

Terry Fox was one of my early running heroes. Participate in a Terry Fox run if you can.

Understand your strengths and use them. Understand your weaknesses and work to make them stronger.

Visualize your success. It helps.

Walk the uphills. Save your energy for the downs.

eXamine your running habits. Try something new once in a while.

Yellow. Neon yellow is a great colour for early morning runs. Be visible out there.

Zzzz. Get enough sleep. This is when your muscles are repaired.

Sorry this got so long pals. I didn’t mean to do all 26 letters but didn’t quite know where to stop. But now you can feel free to add a few tips of your own.


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