Ruby Jack Take 2

So, being gluttons for punishment, Phil and I decided we needed to attempt a 20-miler on Saturday. Gotta get ready, right?


In the words of the immortal Phil, “We stunk it up. Big time.”

Enough said?

Maybe not.

Ok. It was hot. It was hard. But we persevered and we learned. A lot.

Truth be told, we started well. Drove to the OTHER end of the Ruby Jack trail. It was more inviting and less overgrown than the section by Carl Junction where we ran a couple of weeks ago.


Much more inviting.

trail cropped

The first half of the run went well. The trail ran from Carthage to Oronogo, and so did we. We admired the butterflies.


Visited with the lady at the laundromat who let us use her facilities. The cold water was an absolute blessing.

Zig-zagged along a few quiet roads to Webb City. Detoured to find MORE cold water and the trail head there. It was a little elusive.


Only about five more miles to get home. Only. Ha.

And that, my friends, is where I completely ran out of gas. We did more walking than running down the Frisco Greenway to Landreth Park. When we found a working water tap at the park, I would have wept for joy if I hadn’t been completely dehydrated. Ready to dry up and blow away. Or more likely, ready to lay down by the side of the road and quietly die.

So what did we learn?

Lesson 1 Find a better way to bring more water. It was hotter than we had expected. 87 degrees by the time we finished. And running through rural Missouri there weren’t as many places to fill up our water bottles as we needed. Note: I have ordered a vest to carry more water, and my friends at USPS tell me it should arrive tomorrow.

Lesson 2 Bring more snacks. A handful of dates and a package of gummy somethings were not enough. I’ve been doing some homework to find easy portable carb-rich running snacks. Apparently all those runners who say you need 30 to 60 grams of carbs per hour aren’t kidding. My new vest has pockets for snacks too. That’ll help.

And Lesson 3 Wipe off the camera lens before you take the last picture of the day.

fuzzy us

We were a little confused about the picture quality but too brain dead to solve the problem.

An enormous drink. A little food. And a short rest in the lovely cool air conditioning, and we were good as new. Well almost. Good as slightly-battered new.


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