Try, Try, Try Again

I’ll admit, friends, that after last week’s hard, hard, hard long run, I seriously considered hanging up my shoelaces. Retiring my runners. In a word…quitting.

Really. Who was I kidding? Only myself. Running was too hard and I was too tired to keep trying.

So what did I do?

Employed one of my usual coping mechanisms.

I went out and bought another piece of running gear. When I’ve just spent a few bucks on a new running toy, I feel I have to keep running to justify the purchase.

And it worked.

Bought myself a Nathan Firecatcher vest and wore it for our long run on Saturday. It solved several problems. First, the water issue. Plenty of water made me a much happier runner. Second, food. It has pockets to carry more snacks. Also helpful. And third, motivation. I couldn’t wait to tie my shoes on and try it out.

Those little helps, together with the fact that it was 20 degrees cooler than the previous Saturday and that my running plan was ordering me to run 1/3 fewer miles, made Saturday a beautiful day to be a runner. It was such a lovely run, in fact, that there is only one picture to prove we were out there. (It felt too good to stop. Weird, eh?)


Here we are at the end of our 14 miles. Much, much better.

Moral of the story? Hang in there pals. Hard days do get better.


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