Happy Fall, Friends

Ahhh…. the first day of fall. And how did I celebrate? Ax and I went for a very slow, very easy little jaunt around the neighborhood this morning.

Jan 1 2014 001

Doesn’t he look like an enthusiastic running dog?

He hasn’t done much running over the summer. It’s been too hot and humid. But this morning we welcomed fall on the street. A cool breeze in our faces and crunching leaves under our feet. Lovely.

I was encouraged by an article about Catra Corbett and her dachshund TruMan, the Dirt Doxie. If TruMan can run a 50k, surely Ax can do a few miles to keep me company.

Speaking of reading things online… I read an interesting headline a few days ago. I didn’t go any further than the headline; it just didn’t make sense to me.

What did it say?

Motivation for Fall Running: How to Keep Going in the Fall

Ok. That’s not an exact quote. I can’t seem to find the article again. But still…

Isn’t fall the reason we keep running all summer? Isn’t fall the motivation?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’ll have to find me first.

I’ll be out playing on the trails.


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