Play Day

Saturday – long run – survived. Hurrah.

Matter of fact, on Saturday we spent the day running and playing. It was one of those running days I had dreamed of and planned for a long time and just needed a good sport to come along and keep me company. Thank you Phil.

We started early and headed over to the university hoping to see the Balloondayz balloons take off.

Thanks Suellen for your pix.
Thanks Suellen for your pix.

I DID try to do my homework, but we weren’t there early enough. Not even close. By the time we arrived, the balloons were long gone and not due to be back until 6 or so in the evening. Phooey. What did we see instead?

porta potty

Not quite the same appeal.

But we had another destination planned, so we headed off to Carl Junction for their annual bluegrass festival. And there we had the best long run treat EVER.


Snow cones! Wonderful. And half an hour sitting in the shade. Also wonderful.

Not quite so wonderful was the little green worm I shook out of my running bra later. Ick.

By the time we staggered up Jackson Avenue home, we had been on the road for 5 1/2 hours. Running for 5 of those. Twenty two miles. Longest run so far.



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