Taper Time

Ok…. We’ve been away. Off to Ohio to see our youngest happily married off to a beautiful young lady.

Congratulations, kids.
Congratulations, kids.

Between eating and eating and eating and visiting, we didn’t have a TON of time for running. We did, however, squeeze a few miles in on Friday morning. At the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center where they were busily setting up for a Civil War Re-enactment.

fremont ohio

It was a cold, damp run but at least we didn’t have to sleep in those little canvas tents. Or wear period costumes. Or dodge bullets.

And now it’s time to taper before our run on the 18th. The biggest problem I have with cutting back before a race is that I get twitchy. Everything I read says now is the time to trust my training. Take a deep breath. Relax.


What I’d LIKE to do is go out for a long, long, long run to make up for the miles I missed over the last few weeks. Although I know that’s a bad idea, it’s still tempting. Also…it’s fall. It’s lovely. It’s cool. The trails are calling my name.

My plan says 5, 7, 10. That’s all for this week. Even less next week.


Trust the plan.

And to help make the time pass, I’m going to sleep lots, cook healthy meals, and spend some quiet time visualizing myself having success on the trail.

Suggestions, friends?

What do you do to save your sanity the two weeks before a big run? Hmmm?


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